Organization Lifetime Membership

You’ve come to the right place!

Affiliate your organization with the Alaska Gun Collectors’ Association today and tap into our member resources.

By joining, your business can realize direct benefits and offer attractive perks to your employees:

  • Discounts on sales tables reserved in the organization’s name.
  • Option to be listed on our membership business directory.
    • Make your affiliation with the organization known to our membership directory and advertise special benefits to the AGCA membership community.
    • Build relationships with other affiliated organizations.
  • Schwag!! Who doesn’t like schwag? Two free AGCA hats are included in your membership, along with AGCA koozies and stickers.
  • Benefits to your employees:
    • All your employees will enjoy a 50% discount on individual lifetime memberships with proof of employment.
    • All of your employees will get free access to AGCA gun shows with proof of employment, whether they are individual members or not.

Please note that organizational membership does not confer any voting rights in the organization. Voting rights are only conferred on individuals with lifetime memberships.